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Looking Dick Why do happily married men cheat on their wives

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Why do happily married men cheat on their wives

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Men cheat more than women. Approximately 20 percent of men admit to cheating, compared to 13 percent of women, according to the General Social Survey.

Fathers may cheat. While women tend to cheat up, bedding potentially more suitable mates, men cheat down and all.

When he did, he saw the pain it would cause her before doing it, rather than retroactively — and guess what? He never cheated.

To Weiss, only that level of jen and consideration can keep men from cheating. A mature person keeps their partner in mind wherever they are.

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Why Happy People Cheat - The Atlantic

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Even people who are happy in their relationships can cheat. this idea in her book The State of Affairs, suggests four reasons why people who in infidelity, risking their marriage, their home, their family, their standing in their From a therapy standpoint, however, the reasons a person cheats do matter. Men cheat more than women. It may come as cold comfort to women scorned, but they don't seem to do so with the same intention as women. Those who chose to go outside their marriage do so out of selfish needs. his wife and continue parading as an upright man he can keep both his wife and the other woman happy. Men don't cheat with the intention of leaving their wives.

Marie Claire. Women's Health.

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Immigrants in US military face new citizenship rule for kids. Meredith Videos.

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