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This dick is for a chick Seeking Teen Fuck

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This dick is for a chick

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It's nice to get a ladies opinion a lot of times, especially since I work with a bunch of men at this dick is for a chick. Perhaps from college or. Deep throat bjs for you waiting to suck slow and deep and be face fucked at times. I am very down to earth and easy going.

Name: Zola
Age: 20
City: Devonport
Hair: Violet
Relation Type: Looking For Fun Tonight, Hot Tub Party
Seeking: Seeking Vip Sex
Relationship Status: Married

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Top definition.

Another name for a dildo. No boyfriend? Go buy a chick dick!

Also known as a Chick with Dick, a woman who was born with a penisor a man who had a sex change AKA: You know that girl I screwed last night? Yeah, she was hot! I just found out: I know!

No, she's exactly what I'm looking for! What the hell?!?

You're INTO chick dicks?? Chick dick sex.

The dick of a female Her chick dick bulged out of her jeans. A female's clitoris. Sometimes they can be grossly enlarged to resemble a penis.

Chyna has a huge clitorislooks like such a Chick Dick!! Munting Marmite Jerry Mouth Hug Charlie Pass the Dutch Lipsed Hydrated Who Is Joe