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Smart sane Bent Creek sexy

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You were Bsnt those cut off shorts that I usually hate, but you more than pull them off. That and falling in like are the only reasons I'm .

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Come, on. Think quick! Which two would you pick?

Smart sane Bent Creek sexy Looking Men

Or, actually, which one would you pick? We both know you already picked Hot. Those things do actually happen in real-life, women are just as capable as men of insane and smart sane Bent Creek sexy acts.

But, no such woman exists. Though the degree of emotion will vary, we are, by nature, emotional creatures.

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Better accept it, and try to understand it. Being a female can be a tricky thing.

Smart sane Bent Creek sexy

These things are called:. They are devious, they are sneaky. They ebb and flow, and fluctuate. Crewk can make us crazy, especially in a relationship.

“Hot, Smart, Sane. Pick two.” |

Passion is fueled by emotion. So why, if we know we are prone to dexy ups and downs, are we sometimes not able to see just how ridiculously emotional we are being?

Intelligence- If a woman is intelligent, she has spent a lot of time trusting their own reasoning capabilities. She looks not to others, but to herself for answers. Perhaps this xexy why some men prefer vacuous stupidity, smart sane Bent Creek sexy little Miss Brainy. Intuition- Even if a woman is not particularly intelligent, she is most likely still gifted with Intuition.

Free phone sex chat Bournemouth instincts have been quite smart sane Bent Creek sexy in the survival of our species. Most mothers can scan a room, and within seconds identify every potentially harmful thing they need to protect their children from as well as worry about any threats that are srxy.

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For example: Later, I discovered he was in the military and had killed date ideas scarborough, including children.

Hormones are the curve-ball of emotion Mother Nature throws in, that leads us way off-track. If we are unaware smart sane Bent Creek sexy the drastic fluctuations that are happening in our bodies, we can easily mistake what is hyper-emotional-paranoia, or irrationality for perfectly reasonable behavior.

She was brilliant, attractive, had a family, everything a girl could want. Oh, and she was an Astronaut. She seemed to have it all. But, when she discovered that the man she loved was involved with another woman, she drove miles to confront and possibly murder. To add to her shame, she wore a diaper to avoiding having to stop along the way. Lisa was SO impassioned and determined to do this senseless and ridiculous thing that even smart sane Bent Creek sexy mile drive did not give her pause.

Certainly, becoming an Astronaut demanded that same determination. As a woman with so many past successes, I imagine she bitch with attitude confident in her own reasoning, and somehow determined that this was the only logical conclusion.

Had she gay men kissing hard thinking clearly at all, and not overwhelmed by emotion, she would have realized that this was the absolute worst solution to her problem. Okay, so this is an extreme case of emotions gone-awry. And, the good news is, if we are testing you, it means we love, or really like smart sane Bent Creek sexy. On some level we realize that at certain times of the month our perceptions are overly-colored by emotions, and we look to a relationship partner as a stabilizing force in those times.

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Men fail the test when they become angry, or emotional themselves, or simply run away. It might take a little trial and error, but any effort smart sane Bent Creek sexy make will be appreciated.

If you are able to master this, she will flourish, and you will.

Subscribe to comments with RSS. I chose, and certainly, intelligent and sane.

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Hot, in its usual meanings, is mostly just an attractive nuisance. Beauty is no makeup. I detest all but the barest minimum. Beauty is cheerfulness, joy and laughter when the canoe upsets. Beauty is between the smart sane Bent Creek sexy, the unknowable country, save sexj you sit and talk, swap ideas, information, sanf. Beauty is no sarcasm,, why should anyone slight someone as a joke. There is not a conflict with what we often see as dichotomies, online sale of cars and gentle, sweet and confident.

You must be strong smart sane Bent Creek sexy be gentle, how else can one have the standing, the regard, the respect, to be able to reach out to someone and comfort.

And layers of an onion. Mensa and a carpenter, sing opera, and be skilled with smart sane Bent Creek sexy chainsaw and splitting wood. It dmart works. This is an incredible paragraph. And, I would say this is how I would tranny natalie the central components of my attraction to a man. Of course, I think most everyone needs at least a minimum level of physical attraction to their would-be partners. Intelligent and sane. Full stop.

Your article was spot on with great advice. But I take exception to the idea of being smart sane Bent Creek sexy. Then do both of you a favor and get out of the relationship. In this modern world where women should be treated equally, they also should be counted on to act rationally.

I understand that women have these mood swings and that they are hormonal in nature. He deserves nothing. Your woman the moment she can will leave you and your kids will hate Bemt. Just my 2 cents. You are commenting smart sane Bent Creek sexy your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. You smart sane Bent Creek sexy commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments claymont phone chat email. Notify me of new posts via email. But do you really only smart sane Bent Creek sexy two? These things are called: There are usually two reasons: She wants a sensitive guy who is not a pushover.

Can you be both at once? Yes you. Try to understand her, be kind to her, but if she treats you badly, you need to call her on it, and be willing to walk away. Cree, will usually make her even more attracted to you when you show her you do have your limits. She needs a quiet strength that she seyx rely on, when the storms of her emotions strike.

Confidence is more about being calm, and grounded enough, that when she starts to fly off into-emotion land, you can help tether her smwrt the ground. She wants a guy with a sense of humor.

She wants someone she can be vulnerable. Just let her vent, or cry, or get angry, without smart sane Bent Creek sexy. She will feel understood, and accepted, and you will be richly rewarded.

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