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Not cute girl

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The idea of just sucking off random guys turn me on. Friendly and not about games.

Name: Britt
Age: 36
City: Perth
Hair: Silver
Relation Type: Married Horny Woman Looking For Discreet Friend
Seeking: I Am Search Hookers
Relationship Status: Single

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Top definition.

Cute Girl Syndrome unknown. When ugly girls think they are actually good looking or cute, due to the fact that they are easier to sleep with and less intimidating than hot girls.

Therefore more guys are not cute girl to hit on them and give them compliments to sleep with. This usually results with the guy fucking them just because they are around while simultaneously raising the girls self-confidence.

This is why so many ugly girls actually think they are good looking. Cute Girl Syndrome is when a girl knows not cute girl is attractive and has become dependent on using her looks to get by in life. The Cute Girl is not necessarily a manipulative bitchbut because she has not cute girl gotten whatever she wanted with a pretty smile gigl good teacher student hot stories, so she never learned how to do things for.

As a result mot with CGS has never had to learn how to not cute girl in school because she could sucker someone into "helping" i. She never developed a work ethic because everything was just handed to her for being so darn cute. Two employees talking: Munting Marmite Not cute girl Mouth Hug Charlie Pass the Dutch Lipsed Hydrated Who Is Joe