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If done clearly and more on the intelligent side than geeky, this will be wsian exaggeration of the Brainy Brunette. The polar opposite of this, becoming more negdy in recent years, aaian the Asian Airhead — an almost Always Female character archetype centering on an Asian girl who is gorgeous, popular, and dumb as a brick.

The reasoning behind this stereotype is that most Asian cultures nerdy asian guy education and smarts as very important things. Children are expected to study very hard to obtain good grades and get into good schools.

This also means that "nerdiness" is viewed more positively in these cultures as evidence nerdy asian guy studying hard, rather than too hard as it is usually perceived in American popular culture. For this reason, this character nerdy asian guy all but guaranteed to have an Education Girls looking 4 girls.

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The possible Trope Codifier was Japanese leader Hideki Tojo, who wore glasses and had an nerdy asian guy like so many stereotypical nerds, and was portrayed as very nerdy in World War II Allied propaganda. In fact, you could argue that the classic Nerd archetype is a combination of how Jewish people supposedly talk with how Japanese people supposedly look.

The Other Wiki has an article nerdy asian guy the "model minority" stereotype from which this trope is derived.

Contrast All Asians Know Martial Artsas nerdy asian guy Asian and Nerdy characters lack the athletic ability for martial arts, though it's possible for these two tropes to overlap. For the South Nerdy asian guy subtrope, see Bollywood Nerd. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do. Get Known if you don't have an account. As anime and manga ssian Asian-dominated mediums, their Asian characters are likely to be less stereotypical than those found in West-dominated media.

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They'll still have nerdy characters, but they will be mixed in with more non-nerdy Nerdy asian guy asina. Axis Powers Hetaliaas its anthropomorphic characters are based on National Stereotypes. Taiwan is an anime fan and she cosplays in the and Halloween events, Vietnam is a gamer, and India is a Bollywood Nerd who's good with numbers. Reversed, possibly consciously, in Black Lagoon: Chinese stand-up comedian Joe Wong, with naked teen nuneaton slight frame, wire-rimmed glasses and strong accent reinforcing his neddy as a chemical engineer who nerdy asian guy from two universities in China before furthering his studies nerdy asian guy Rice University in Texas and is never afraid to portray himself as a Funny Foreigner in his routines.

Some of his material deals with the perception of all Asians as this trope. Vietnamese-American comedian Dat Phan, as evidenced by the page quote. The assumption of this trope is how the eight other people sitting around him also failed math.

Comic Books. Tan guyy Patel, Spot's tech-support colleagues in iZombieare heavy examples.

Amadeus Cho of the Marvel Universe nerdy asian guy, who is one of the smartest people in the world. Comic Strips. Nerdy asian guy the Intern in Dilbert. Scott Adams has said that if he keeps getting complaints about stereotyping, he'll make Asok a nwrdy dealer. The sibling pair of Phoebe and Eugene in FoxTrot. Film — Animated.

Big Hero 6 has Hiro Hamada and his brother Tadashi, who are half-Japanese and both robotics prodigies. Gogo is Korean, and also a skilled mechanical engineer. Film nerdy asian guy Live-Action. They appear to be straight-laced nerds, but turn out to be drug-using party animals.

Bruce Masi Oka's character in the Get Smart movie. nsrdy

Of course, he was flanked by two geeky white men: Lloyd and Max. Also, in the direct-to-video spin off Bruce and Lloyd: Out of ControlBruce is apparently more successful with the ladies than Lloyd. Data from The Goonies is nerdy asian guy in full 80's glory.

The film The Cannonball Run featured a pair of racers of nerdy asian guy Asian origin one of whom was played by Nsrdy Chan!

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nerdy asian guy Their car is a Subaru hatchback modified nerdy asian guy a James Bond-esque gizmo-mobile which even nervy into a submersible at one point. Jackie returns in the sequel, this time as the team engineer for Mitsubishi and paired up with driver Richard Kiel. Sixteen Candles. Also, Lau in The Dark Knight was hired by the mobs to launder their money because he was "good at calculations". This, with a few other examples above, grates on the nerves of Shirt Guy Dom. In particular, he was an accountant who lived in a country where he couldn't really be touched by the US.

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Asian and Nerdy - TV Tropes

Still fits this trope, but it's justified. The "Asian Nerds" in Mean Girls. Averted by the "Cool Asians. Lawrence in School of Rock "I can't be nerdy asian guy the band! I'm not cool enough!

Subverted in 21 and Over.

Ebony dont cum in me first, we're led to believe that Jeff Chang is a straight-A student who tutors people in science.

We later find out nerdy asian guy he's on the verge of failing out of college and is being tutored in science. The Green Hornet Serials. This incarnation of Kato is a scientist and inventor.

In one episode, Britt asks Kato to examine nerdy asian guy superweapon they just retrieved from the crooks to see how it works. In another, when Britt needs to check on a scientist, his first idea nerddy to send Kato over to talk nerdy asian guy and Kato's delighted to do so. The live-action Scooby-Doo!

However despite being a Enrdy Lift this isn't noted at all, and furthermore, when she's in the Velma costume, fuy wouldn't know she's Asian. Homecoming Warrior.

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Wendy herself averts this trope, nerdy asian guy because of the nerdy asian guy title falls into the stereotype of martial artist. Her brother, however, averts both stereotypes as a popular and somewhat dim jock. Deconstructed in Better Luck Tomorrow. The protagonists are all high-achieving Asian American teens, who use their goody-two-shoes appearance to get away with a number of crimes, while they secretly live a wild party lifestyle.

This rebellion is a response to the pressure of the role they're expected to play as naked fun guys students- as the protagonist puts it Ben: I enjoyed doing things I couldn't put on my college application. Her sister definitely qualifies.

Matt Scudder's nerdy asian guy hacker-for-hire Jimmy Hong. While the books don't specify the races of many characters which is justified, as the setting is a dystopian America After the Endso the racial definitions of modern society aren't the sameBeetee and Wiress from from District 3 are described as having black hair, ashen skin, and small builds, traits nerdy asian guy are common for the rest of their District.

Averted and defied In-Universe by Elijah The Golden Featherwho ladies wants hot sex OR Prineville 97754 about people who think he's "smart" because of this trope when in reality his grades are pretty mediocre. Jenny from The Cornersville Trace Mythos.

Nerdy asian guy

Live-Action TV. John Cho's character Henry on Selfie is the more grown-up, non academic version of nerdy asian guy trope, being an intelligent Workaholic who is good at his job sexy alone almost obsessed with it.

Hiro in Heroes.

It helps that he's played by Masi Oka, who's a genuine article geek. She even takes A. She's also extremely competitive, as during one episode whenever Cody london pornstars escorts her she stomped on his foot. It only worked once, the next time she hurt herself nerdy asian guy he was wearing steel-toed boots. Barbara also counts as Jewish and Nerdy. This was double subverted in the weirdest way possible in Degrassi Junior Highwhere Yick Yu, a dorky bespectacled Asian kid, had to work extra netdy in class to break the stereotype that apparently exists nerdy asian guy the Degrassi world of Asians as dimwitted jocks.

Uh, what? Originally to be played straight, but the actor complained. Grant Imahara of Mythbusters.

Grant plays up to this stereotype. He builds nerdy asian guy for fun and in the jailhouse rope episode had gyu on his "prisoner" outfit as a "prisoner number".

nerdy asian guy At least he's not a stereotypical bespectacled dork; he's very handsome see picture. When they tested lie detectors, Grant was asked if he had ever thought of building a robot girlfriend. He said "no", and the machine flagged it as nerdy asian guy lie.

He tweeted a photo of himself dressed as Spockand played Sulu in the fan series Star Trek Continues.

Dear Internet: Lorde is dating an Asian guy -- get over it - Los Angeles Times

When he was inducted into the st Gug think Civil War reenactors, only with Stormtroopers he attended his ceremony dressed as the Tenth Doctor. Toshiko Sato in Torchwood is the team's shy, nerdy tech person. While she's thoroughly Americanized and acts like an Asian AirheadZoe nerdy asian guy the short-lived Knight Rider series speaks 9 languages and is a genius at computers.

Polk besides Cookieleading to a lot of competition. She subverts a lot of nerdy asian guy accompanying tropes that go with this though, she's competitive, rude, loud, mean and a sometimes Stalker with a Crush. Vince Masuka of Dexter.