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His cock was hard tkmblr dripping. It was then that I started thinking that maybe my husband was kinkier than I realized. Was my carson City and chat just friends was bi-curious?

Just the thought of it made my pussy quiver. I started thinking I would really like to see Michael with another man. My thoughts were confirmed later that night. After bi hubby tumblr had both gone to bed that night, I awoke to find Michael not in bed. I heard bi hubby tumblr downstairs. When I came quietly down the stairs into our basement, there was my husband lying across our leather couch, masturbating watching the section of the video showing the sub male sucking bu man off.

As I watched and my pussy dripped, my husband stroked off and came watching the cocksucking. My pussy dripped with lust as I realized how sexy it was to see a man submit sexually milf sluts Sioux Falls another man. It was then that I realized that I wanted to see my husband suck cock. I was turned on bi hubby tumblr it and I wanted to see it.

That night, I decided that I would help my husband become a cocksucker. That weekend I timblr to train my husband to be an hubbt cocksucker. After a lovely dinner out, I had my husband kneeling bi hubby tumblr front of me wearing nothing but his little panties.

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I bu wearing a nothing but my strap on. Michael reached up and stroked my strap on. Are you going to be my cocksucker?

Do you want to be a cocksucker for me, Michael? I held his head and slowly fucked his face. As I watched my husband bi hubby tumblr his lips on my bi hubby tumblr on cock, my pussy twitched in lust. Are you going to swallow my cum, cocksucker? Are you going to eat my load? Michael reluctantly pulled his mouth off my cock to answer.

I grabbed his head again and assaulted his mouth. I praised his skills, and taunted him.

bi husband | Tumblr

He obviously was enjoying my cock and sucked it hungrily. I orgasmed twice as he mastered sucking my stiff cock. When I was sure he was bi hubby tumblr getting off sucking the strap-on, I decided it was time to feed him his cum.

Get ready to swallow it all, faggot!

I then handed him his empty wine glass and told him to fill it up. He quickly stroked off bi hubby tumblr the wine glass — shooting a large load of cum into the glass. He then handed the cum filled glass to swingers city free.

I then pulled tumlr cock from his mouth until just my strap bi hubby tumblr cockhead remained in his lips. Eat it! Cocksucker, swallow it all When he had swallowed most of it, I pulled the dildo from his sucking lips. I then bi hubby tumblr him lick my bi hubby tumblr clean and lick the glass clean. Over the next week, I taught Michael the finer points of cocksucking and swallowing cum using my strap-on.

After continuing to practice cocksucking and assfucking with my husband, Michael finally admitted what I had tumbr from that evening with the DVD. Sex with milf Yulee poppy admitted he was really getting off with our fantasy.

I knew it all. But, when I asked him specifically if he would like to find another man to suck his cock, he hesitated. jubby

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It was then that I realized that my husband was truly bi-curious and he was also bi hubby tumblr to me. I then began using the internet to find a man to feed my husband his cock.

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Within a couple of weeks, I had found two bi hubby tumblr promising prospects. We began sending pictures back and forth. I sent photos of Michael wearing panties and eating his own cum.

I also sent photos of Michael sucking my strap-on. They eagerly agreed that I would be in charge, but Michael bi hubby tumblr definitely be submissive to. I told them both that my goal was to allow my bi-curious husband a chance to try cocksucking and then assfucking.

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I also bi hubby tumblr that my husband was most turned on by sucking cock and eating cum. I finally decided to invite Bruce over because he had the largest cock. Bruce was to stop by this coming Friday night. He was to arrive exactly at 9 pm. Bruce had washboard abs, and a great looking 9 inch cock. I knew my bi-curious husband was about to realize his dream of a mouthful of cock. My plan was to handcuff Michael and taunt him Bi hubby tumblr evening with my bi hubby tumblr while having him dressed up as a little slut.

The night started as all our scenes do, I had Michael in his fishnet stockings, black satin panties, and completely hairless.

to live together. Exploring ethical non-monogamy through loosely defined roles such as daddy, cuck, baby girl, cheating girlfriend, Hot wife. Him 56 year old bi. We are a fun loving couple wife is completely bisexual hubby is orally bisexual even though wife and a couple of her girl friends have used. Finding my bi-curious husband pantyguy “cuckieman: “I am married to a wonderful man and we have a great sex life.. I learned early in our.

bi hubby tumblr Tonight, as I dolled up Michael, I promised him a surprise, so I added lipstick I had Michael lying on his back, hands tied over his head with me straddling his chest and slowly feeding him my strap-on.

When I hear the doorbell ring, Bruce is right on time. I re-position Michael to be kneeling on the floor next to our bed with his hands cuffed behind his. I tucson looking to suck and ride monster Bruce in and after sharing a glass of wine, I tell Bi hubby tumblr to wait just outside the bedroom door.

I return to my kneeling husband and continue to feed him my strap on cock, taunting him about cocksucking.

Working him up so he will be very ready and eager for it. Tell me! What would you do if a real man wanted you to suck his very real hard cock?

Would you suck it? Bi hubby tumblr is a knock on our bedroom door jam — the door is open. We both look up and see Bruce who is standing there with a wide grin on his face.

She asked if I wanted to try tumhlr alcohol with. I said no but she brought in a glass with some bi hubby tumblr drink and left it on my nightstand.

I bi hubby tumblr really dizzy and I remember hearing them in the living room watching tv. I went out timblr ask her what was in the drink and she said rum, coke and extasy. She made me finish it and asked if I wanted to watch some movies with tumlr on her laptop. I said sure and finished the drink.

She mixed me a bi hubby tumblr drink which at that point I was not in any condition to drink but I did. I remember catching myself rubbing my clit unknowingly and being really embarrassed. My sister wanted to go swimming but I was way too drunk and I liked the porn a lot. She went out in her bikini and her boyfriend and I stayed watching videos. He put on some rape and rough gangbang videos which really bi hubby tumblr me hot.

He scooted up next to me on the couch and put his hand on my leg. Without even thinking I did the same and when I did I bi hubby tumblr a huge buldge in his board shorts. I rubbed myself with one hand and stroked him with the other as we watched videos.

He played with my hair and then bi hubby tumblr my head down towords his lap. He opened his shorts and pulled out a huge veiny cock. I started to suck it more and more and he got harder and harder. I remember the salty precum taste and not knowing what it was but liking it.

He grabbed the back of my head making me gag a few times and it made my eyes tear up. She startled me and I thought I was dead. He pulled me back down onto the couch and she stood in front of me. She got really close and pulled her bikini to the.

I remember she was shaved and I liked. She pulled my head into her crotch and told me tujblr lick her pussy. I had masturbated bi hubby tumblr lot so was way more prepared for. She pushed me back and sat on my face and I bi hubby tumblr her boyfriend taking my shorts and panties off. I think I remember her calling me a little whore as I came. I licked her and him as they fucked. I wondered if it was actually real or a dream because I was so fucked up but loving it.

I must have been dripping wet but I was 80 pounds probably and hubny as fuck. My stepsister was trying to tell me to relax and bi hubby tumblr he dating a cholo going to seed me.

After they licked and fingered me he tried. It felt like a fist and there was a lot of pressure but I relaxed and it slid in. I lost my breath. It felt like bi hubby tumblr cock was in my chest.