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Baby friendly date night I Am Seeking Sex Chat

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Baby friendly date night

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Bring a friend.

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Cook or order your favorite meal, turn on some mood music, light some candles and pour some wine.

Want a date night with your significant other but don't have a babysitter? Below are some baby friendly outings suggested by our readers. Indoor picnic. Okay so maybe you can't get a sitter, but you can still make a meal feel special by rolling out a blanket on the living room floor after baby goes to. Date night doesn't have to be a five-course dinner, tantric sex, or even an entire movie. Crack a window or grab the baby monitor and hit the backyard. . for a more environmentally friendly option, you can choose washable pads, like these .

baby friendly date night Make dinner reservations, book a couples massage or just lounge in fluffy bathrobes and order room service. Oh and most important of all, sleep through the night uninterrupted! Ice skating Whether you head indoors to a local ice center or, if the weather is right, to an frienddly rink what could be more romantic than holding hands as you skate around?

This one might even take you back to dates in junior high and remind you of when you fell in love even if it was probably long after junior vaby. When you baby friendly date night a break from the ice share a hot cocoa or pretzel at the concession stand and cuddle close to warm each other up.

Order in some pizza and break out the board games. Will it be a Monopoly marathon?

Or maybe a frisky game of Twister or dirty-word Scrabble? Best part? This is a fun daytime date—you can leave baby with a sitter or the in-laws for a few hours and explore the great outdoors.

An added bonus: Pack a healthy picnic to enjoy when you get to a nice spot with great views. Plus, you get to eat your efforts at the end of the session—and sometimes, get extras to take home for later.

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Check out your local museums and galleries—some have nights with extended hours, live performances or special exhibits. How many parents are really taking date night?

Do couples actually have sex after baby? LOG IN.

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Sarah Yang. Spit-up, dirty diapers and colic are the exact opposite of romantic.

Get ready to rekindle those flames when you take a break for some much-needed couple time.