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Full Yamaha EPH-100SL review

When we are looking for a new pair of earbuds, Yamaha is not the first brand that comes to mind. Indeed, the Japanese company does not put its efforts in marketing and as Yamaha is present on many markets like motorbikes, boats, batteries (and a lot more) it may look like a company that does everything but is not specialized.

Yet, as you will see in this Yamaha EPH-100SL review, when you face earbuds with a quality like this, you can’t help but think that people should seriously consider the Yamaha brand when they want to buy audio stuff. Quality is really here and for this price, this is one of the best earbuds on the market.

Yamaha EPH-100SL

Yamaha EPH-100SL
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If you are looking for earbuds that will do their job and nothing else, they are one of the best earbuds for the money. With their incredible sound quality and their price, you can't go wrong buying a pair of those.​

Build & Design

When you look at them, the Yamaha EPH-100SL don’t seem to be comfortable. Well, don’t trust your eyes ! Despite their heavy looking design, these aluminum earbuds are surprisingly light and they offer a great comfort with the functional and flexible ear tips they are shipped with.

Yamaha EPH-100SL review

Inside the aluminum body, Yamaha opted for a 6mm speaker (that explains partially the weigh) where most concurrent use 8mm ones. The cable is made to be robust and is tangle-resistant. They are designed for durability, and you can feel it when you hold them.

Thanks to their thin form factor, they are easy to put on and once your wear them, they won’t budge an inch. They are really comfortable, even after several hours of music listening. No problem on this side.

The EPH-100SL are not designed to be used on smartphones as some other brand can do. I mean they do not have a build in microphone and remote control for your smartphone. Of course you can use them on any device featuring a 3.5mm jack but here Yamaha focused only on building a good pair of earbuds.

Audio Performance

The sound coming from the EPH-100SL is spectacular. I clearly wasn’t expecting that kind of quality from Yamaha and using them has really been a pleasant surprise. Every frequency range is well deserved. The sound produced is clear and precise, even in the extremes highs or lows where even pricier earbuds will fail to give you a clear sound.


Lows are great and clear. Bass are really strong, a bit too strong to my taste thought, but not destroying the nature of the music you throw at them.


Midrange frequencies are excellent. For instruments and vocals, the biggest part of their frequency is in the midrange. This is where these earbuds really shine. The mids are clear and precise, giving you an incredible experience for in ear headphones.


As the midrange performances, the highs are excellent on these earbuds, bringing detailed and clean sound to your ears.

Listening to your favorite songs is a pure pleasure with deep bass, proper vocals and excellent instrumentals. Your songs will be perfectly delivered to your ears and it’s one of the best in ear headphones I have ever tried.

Noise isolation is also really good, thanks to the ear tips design, most outside sounds are blocked and you can enjoy your songs without having to raise your music volume.

What’s in the box ?

yamaha eph 100 unboxing

Included with the earbuds, you will find 5 earpads with different sizes to ensure maximum comfort when wearing them. You will also find a 2m extension cable and a 6.3mm adapter. A soft case is also included, perfect for travelers ! This is a bit thin and we would have love too see more stuff shipped with our earbuds.


Yamaha EPH-100SL verdict

If you are looking for excellent earbuds with no added functionality, the Yamaha EPH-100SL are really good. Their sound performance is really impressive and they are one of the best earbuds you can find for this price (if not the best earbuds). The Yamaha EPH-100SL are really hard to beat when you look at their price. Congrats Yamaha !

$89 - $99

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Bryan Leyton

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On June 15, 2015
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If you are looking for earbuds that will do their job and nothing else, they are one of the best earbuds for the money. With their incredible sound quality and their price, you can't go wrong buying a pair of those.​

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