Tweeting Headphones ? Is There a Market for the Muzik Convertible ?


Fresh off his team's win in Super Bowl 50, Denver Broncos wide receiver Demaryius Thomas announced his intent to get into the headphones game after declaring he'd recently invested in headphone manufacturer Muzik.

Still, it wasn't the fact that Thomas invested in the company that got everyone talking, nor the fact that it's creators have successfully raised well over $18 million in investments since 2012. No, the reason why Muzik is really making headlines recently is the investment from/agreement with Twitter that will allow the company to release the world's first so-called "social headphones."

Dubbed the Muzik Convertible, these over the ear, wireless headphones are set to be the first in the world to allow users to instantly share whatever music they're listening to over Facebook and Twitter. While this type of technology definitely won't appeal to everybody, it seems that Muzik has found a unique way to distinguish itself and basically create its own niche market. In essence, Muzik's agreement with Twitter is huge, as it allows the social media platform to be integrated directly into the headphones. In fact, it seems quite likely that the Muzik Convertible wouldn't even be able to exist without this crucial agreement.

The headphones feature four controls on the right ear cup, which the user can program through the accompanied Android or iOS app. In addition to performing your basic functions, like changing songs or controlling volume, the controls can also be used to tell the user the time or identify songs using a built-in audio recognition software ala Shazam. It's this same technology that allows the headphones to identify the song the user and is listening to and then share it over social media at the push of a button. Of course, sharing the song you're listening to is all well and good, but it doesn't truly give your social media followers the full picture. For this, you can actually allow the headphones to create a so-called "Twitter moment," or a full visual recreation of your surroundings based on the current weather and your location information from Google Maps.

As you would expect though, this type of innovative technology doesn't necessarily come cheap, as the company has announced the Muzik Convertible headphones will retail for around $300. Still, the price point doesn't seem to only reflect this new social media technology, as the headphones themselves also offer all the high-tech features you'd expect from a top of the line product, including total noise isolation, interchangeable earphones and long range wireless Bluetooth connectivity. Only time will tell if these new social media headphones will take off, but either way, the future sure looks bright.

Sources : Wired, SportTechie

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