One music device, multiple Bluetooth speakers. Yeah, it’s possible with Tempow!

Bluetooth speakers come in all shapes and sizes. Their clear, powerful sound, ergonomic design plus their high-quality aesthetics might tempt you to invest in more than one piece, but what would be the essence when you can only tether one Bluetooth speaker to your music device?

Tempow, a French startup company has finally taken up this concern and voila! All your Bluetooth speakers and/or headphones synced into one sound system using a single app- simple, affordable, and convenient!

How Tempow works

Tempow allows you to use your android mobile phone as an integrator to all Bluetooth enabled speakers and headphones. After pairing your phone, you can singly select the devices you want to share the music with.

Tempow Android Interface

What’s better is that you can control the volume of each Bluetooth enabled speaker or pair of headphones independently. For the speakers, you can allocate some as either left or right for better music surround.

Why Tempow is such a big deal for party lovers

Caption this: you and your friends are out camping. Everyone who loves music brought their Bluetooth speakers with them. For party enthusiasts, this is where Tempow comes in, sync all your speakers with a single device and get the party started; impressive right?!


According to a study published by IEEE, many people would opt for WI-FI devices over Bluetooth simply because of distance and barriers. As smart as this technology might seem, it cannot be incorporated into something more comprehensive like a multi-room home music system because generally, Bluetooth signals are a bit weak.


If Tempow isn’t fast enough to strike a deal with mobile phone companies, we probably will see this Technology being replicated in the coming years. Still, Tempow’s CEO, Vincent Nallatamby, and his team remain confident that their well-researched tech is not something that can be easily copied. This might be true because, with the Samsung galaxy S8, you can only tether 2 Bluetooth speakers using the dual audio feature. The S8 duality feature has a defect nonetheless- the two connected speakers might have different sound outputs in terms of quality. We sure will see more mobile companies attempting to match Tempow’s Bluetooth inventiveness.

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