Sweetened the deal or not? Here’s everything you need to know about Marshall’s Monitor Bluetooth

When looking for a pair of headphones, one is always on the lookout for that special feature that makes one developer stand out from the rest. Did Marshall nail this fact with The Monitor Bluetooth, their latest release? Absolutely yes!

You probably know Marshall due to their successful guitar amplifiers. The Headphone line is going places as well, most certainly. What’s so special about the awaited Marshal Monitor Bluetooth headphones?

Marshall Headphone

Wireless/ wired? Your choice!

Some of your gadgets might not support Bluetooth connectivity. It is also quite frustrating when you cannot continue enjoying your music on your phone or mp3 player just because the headphones’ battery has run out. This should not be an issue with the Monitor Bluetooth; it comes with a detachable, high-quality cable- use it to switch to the wired mode for uninterrupted music.

The 3.5 mm wide input, where you connect this cable, also means that another person can connect their headphones to yours to share the music you are listening to.

Outstanding design

If you have been following Marshall Products closely, you probably were hit by déjà vu when you first set your eyes on this latest release- the strategically placed white logo, black rubbery exterior and gold-colored control button.

According to a headphone buying guide published by Consumer Reports, most people prefer lightweight headphones. The plastic and rubber exterior sure makes these headphones light, but apparently, some people feel that this choice for material does not match up quality-wise considering the budget you have to lay down for this particular piece.

Aesthetic wise, this is a creation worth talking about; a great combination of colors, high-quality padding, and collapsible parts that fit so well into each other.

aptX Bluetooth support

Thanks to this feature, you can enjoy music up to 30 feet away from your music device. That is, if there are no thick walls barring your Bluetooth connectivity.

aptX system

Up to 30 hrs of battery life

Literally, this means that you can enjoy music wirelessly for the entire day without having to worry about running out of battery.

All about bass!

Some of us opt to look for headphones because we just can’t get enough bass out of our stereo systems. If you are an all-about- the-bass person, you should probably consider these headphones.


If you are looking for stylish, friendly budget headphones with a good battery life and powerful bass, these might be a good investment.

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