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5 reasons to get bluetooth earbuds

Whether you are working out at a gym, traveling or simply just walking around the city, the versatility of using Bluetooth earbuds makes a lot of sense. Bluetooth earbuds allow the users to enjoy their favourite videos or music anytime, at any place without the inconveniences attached to the traditional wired earbud units. In the […]

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Jaybird X2 review, the King is here

Breaking into today’s headphones market is not an easy feat. That is mostly because only a few audio brands have the relevant financial power to hit hard on the marketing side.
For newer brands it’s extremely hard to even get noticed, however Jaybird has succeeded in making its mark thanks to their quality bluetooth earbuds.
Still a pretty new audio company, Jaybird has already carved out its niche in making products that are aimed at sports and fitness enthusiast.

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