Meet the Sennheiser Orpheus : $55000 headphones !

Sennheiser recently introduced a new set of headphones that is meant to stand out for its luxurious and elegant look, as well as for its sound quality. It is named Orpheus, after another legendary model that the German company released in 1991. “The new Orpheus is the successor to our 1990/1991 iconic Orpheus, which set the benchmark for that generation. The incredible critical response to the launch of the new Orpheus – epitomized by this honor from the CES Innovation Awards – is a recognition that Sennheiser is succeeding in shaping the future of the audio world,” said Sennheiser’s Maurice Quarré.


Before its launch, the Orpheus took more than 10 years to develop, which shows exactly how complex and innovative this product is. Built with the latest technologies and designed with vaporized gold and Carrara marble, the Orpheus weighs 60 pounds and is priced at around $55,000.

The Orpheus offers an outstanding and distortion-free listening experience, with an enormous frequency range. To achieve this vivid and clear sound, Sennheiser created this set of headphones with an integrated amplifier attached to the system. It also uses 8 vacuum tubes, which are suspended in the handcrafted Carrara marble base, in order to prevent structure-borne noise. “The properties of the marble optimally protect the amplifier’s core and its unique optics and structure turns each Orpheus into an individual work of art,” said Maurice Quarré.


In order to create the Orpheus, it took more than 6,000 components, which were carefully chosen by Sennheiser's design team. The team tested different materials to take advantage of what each one has to offer and ensure the performance and quality that the Orpheus provides. This is why it used two gold-vaporised ceramic electrodes and a platinum-vaporised diaphragm that is exactly 2.4 micrometers for outstanding sound reproduction. As a finishing touch, the headphones are kept in a glass-enclosed nook, which is also suspended on the marble base.

Even though the Orpheus isn't directed towards the regular listeners, it certainly breaks barriers and inspires its successors, as Sennheiser once again created a model that is considered revolutionary in the headphone world. “For seven decades now, Sennheiser has shaped the industry and has been at the cutting edge of audio by continuously re-defining the gold standard of what is technically possible. With the Orpheus, we are once again pushing the boundaries and are showing that we can repeatedly set new benchmarks in excellence and reshape the future of the high-end audio world," said Daniel Sennheiser, CEO of Sennheiser.

Sources : Sennheiser, ​Wired

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