Knops Earplugs : control the volume of the world around you

Hearing loss is one of the most common diseases in the world with over 360 million people worldwide suffering from it.

Knops is the first of its kind, adjustable ear plugs which help you to control the amount of noise you hear not only while listening to music but while doing anything.

According to their page on Kickstarter, Knops claims to be “the volume button for your ears”. The most exciting part about this product is that you can selectively choose what you want to hear and what you want to tune out!

Knops earplugs volume control

How it started

Knops has been designed by a group of musicians from Netherlands. In 2015, a group of friends got together in the city of Amsterdam, to explore a solution for their hearing. They were against hearing protection devices and electronic hearables mainly due to the fact that these devices weren’t good enough solutions for the ears.

People often had to unplug and replug their earplugs, for a situation where sound levels are lower. They also hated the hideous designs of electronic hearables so they wanted to tackle all these problems and offer a solution to the people. This is how the idea of Knops came to them.

Designed to be unique

Coming to the design aspect of the Knops, this one of its kind earplugs has a unique look. The design of the Knops is based on a classic round volume button. While the inside of the earplug has a very vintage gramophone cone look to it. Since one of the major objectives of the Knops was to make sure that hearing devices did not look ugly anymore, they have spent a considerable amount of time designing it. The Knops comes in different colors and trims.

Knops colors

How it works

When asked about the working process of the earplugs, Arjen De Jong, one of the founders, explained,“Instead of using electronics to try and synthesize something artificial, we’re taking the actual sound waves that come into your ear, and modifying them,”. Arjen who also has PhD in acoustics further explained,“So, what you hear is the actual, physical pressure wave, as it was already arriving into your ear.”

By twisting the knob of the earplugs, users can change between four settings which adjust the filtering level of the earplug. It ranges from a starting level of no filter at all and can go up to a higher level of blocking as per your need.

Knops 4 steps to noise cancellation

Worth it?

The sound quality of the earplugs is amazing but the price tag of the product becomes an issue. It starts with a basic version costing $62 and can go up to $117. Since the Knops is not actually custom molded to your ears, you can easily get similar products off the shelf for around $25.

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