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Full Jaybird X2 Review

Breaking into today's headphones market is not an easy feat. That is mostly because only a few audio brands have the relevant financial power to hit hard on the marketing side.

For newer brands it's extremely hard to even get noticed, however Jaybird has succeeded in making its mark thanks to their quality bluetooth earbuds.

Still a pretty new audio company, Jaybird has already carved out its niche in making products that are aimed at sports and fitness enthusiast.

The Jaybird X2 is the natural successor to the Jaybird Bluebuds X that we reviewed here. They kept the best from the bluebuds and improved the few drawbacks there were. Scroll down to check our jaybird X2 review or have a look at our best bluetooth earbuds post where we keep an always updated list of the best bluetooth earbuds we review.

Jaybird X2

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They are the best bluetooth earbuds to date. Their characteristic design and the sound they produce are excellent.​ With a pair of those your are certain to have the best out of your music while having a comfortable and secure fit.

Build & Design

While the BlueBuds X set of earbuds were only available in 2 colors, the Jaybird X2 has bumped that up to 6 options: Storm White, Alpha, Midnight Black, Ice, Charge and Fire.


The overall look is quite similar to their predecessor but with less chrome and more color. This design reflects the minimalism which is now popular in design : the X2s look better.

They are made of premium plastic and feel very solid. The Jaybird X2 come with a 1 year limited warranty and a lifetime warranty as well against any sweat-related damage. The sweat resistance makes the Bluetooth earbuds to be a good option for the gym.


Something which is new to the X2 earbuds is the addition of 3 new pairs of silicone tips. The tips included with the previous model are still present. However, 3 pairs of comply memory foam tips have now been included as well. The tips will help you to find a better fit and provide a better isolation from outside noises.

The included carrying case has received a major upgrade as the clamshell design has been swapped with a silicone case which is both more protective and easier to use.

Audio Performance

The audio performance on the Jaybird X2 is of course among the things which you should consider when you search for the right set of Bluetooth earbuds to purchase. The simple inclusion of memory foam tips means that it is easier to get a good fit and thus a better sound out of Jaybird X2.


When it comes to lows, you can be assured that you’ll get crisp sounds. There will be no problem while listening to the vocals of rappers and classical music with lower bass sounds because everything shall be delivered in a clear and crisp manner.


Burying of the mids has nowadays become a trend amongst the in-ears in this range of price. Fortunately, Jaybird has carefully balanced the mids on the X2 earbuds. Fans of EDM and hip-hop won’t find the earbuds to be mid-forward. However, the massive dip in the mids which is present in several in-ear headphones does not appear here. The keys, guitars and vocal harmonies on any song will stand out without having to crowd each other.


High-end roll-off is normally a necessity with the in-ears because the drivers being very close to the listener’s ears might easily lead to the piercing highs without having it. That said, it has been overdone in a wide number headphones and again Jaybird has not followed this trend. The high end is clear and open-sounding but avoids harshness.


Just like with the sound quality, the extent to which these earbuds block out noise depends on the type of tips that you are using and how they fit. The in-ear “fins” aid in keeping the headphones from having to move around. The Jaybird X2 provides an effective passive isolation with their memory foam ear tips.

The Jaybird X2 can handle a great deal of volume before starting to distort. Unlike lots of earbuds, they do not seem to have a specific target genre of music and a very neutral. You will surely not regret being seduced by the X2 if music quality matters when doing your activities.


The Jaybird X2 earbuds still uses Bluetooth 2.1. The X2s makes use of Jaybird’s Shift Premium Bluetooth audio, a custom implementation of SignalPlus and the Bluetooth SBC codec.

The Jenna voice prompts that were present in BlueBuds X are still present thus providing helpful voice feedbacks for pairing as well as other options. One minor disadvantage is that these prompts might be a little bit loud and annoying at times. Well, it's not a deal breaker but turning down the volume before Jenna voice starts talking would be a wise decision.

The included remote and mic features 3 buttons. The minus and plus buttons usually control volume using a tap. Holding these buttons down for close to one second will skip tracks backward and forward. The middle button is here to answer, reject (you need to hold it) and end calls. It also permits to pause and play music and  holding the button turn the Jaybird X2 earbuds ON or OFF.

Battery Life

In case you are searching for a set of Bluetooth earbuds with a good battery that can last for a very long time, then the X2 may just be the right earbud that you have been searching for. These earbuds boasts about 8 hours of use for a 2 hours charge time.

The original BlueBuds X used to claim a battery life of 8 hours. However, they often struggled to reach this number. The Jaybird X2 makes the same claim of  8 hours but unlike their predecessor, they truly reach this autonomy. This is very impressive for their small size.

The charge time using the micro USB cable has been estimated to be less than two and a half hours. However, this will obviously depend on what you are using as the power source since none has been included. The flap that covers the micro USB slots has been located on the same side as the remote. It opens very easily despite how concealed it is.

What's in the box ?


​There are lots of accessories delivered with the X2. They are shipped with a riggid carrying case, 3 pairs of ear fins, 6 pairs of ear tips, a charging cable and 3 cable management clips. Note that the carrying case has been redesigned and is now a bit bigger than the one included with the Bluebuds X.


Jaybird X2 verdict

Jaybird definitely brings us a magnificent pair of bluetooth earbuds. They are the best you can find for your everyday use. They are a bit expensive but this is the price of quality. You will fall in love with them and enjoy putting them on all the time !

$139 - $149

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