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Full JayBird BlueBuds X review

Are you searching for bluetooth wireless earbuds  that you can use for a variety of different things? There is a chance that you have tried searching but you felt confused when looking at the wide selection of Bluetooth earbuds available.

What if you were told that you do not need to search anymore? You simply need to check out this JayBird BlueBuds X review and you might just find the ones that you have been searching for.

Jaybird has been around with​ these bluetooth earbuds for quite a long time now and you might want to check out the new model they rolled out in 2015 : the Jaybird Bluebuds X2. You might also want to check our best bluetooth earbuds post that is constantly updated with the latest reviews.

December 2015 update : price updated and links to the new Jaybird X2 added.

Jaybird Bluebuds X

Jaybird BlueBuds x review
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  • Sound Quality
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If you are looking for excellent earbuds for your daily exercices without compromising on the sound quality, they are the earbuds you need. A better and updated version has been released. You can check our Jaybird X2 review here.

Build and Design

This black colored earbuds look basic enough to be used effectively and can match well with everything. They can be placed over the ear or the traditional way depending on the tasks that you will be doing while wearing them. They can be used traditionally when you are doing calls or listening to music and over your ear if you are jogging or working out.

Jaybird BlueBuds x review

The fact that this is not bulky is a big plus, especially for people who would need to do a variety of tasks while using the BlueBuds X. The battery is not too heavy, which makes it easy to put over the ear, without straining your ear in the process. Battery life itself is not bad at all.

The materials that are used to make this headset are sweat proof. This headset actually comes with a lifetime warranty so you won’t have to worry about moisture or sweat ruining the headset and if it does, you can easily have it replaced. This Bluetooth comes with a microphone that makes it easy for you to be heard when you are talking to someone on the phone.

JayBird BlueBuds X Sport Bluetooth Headphones are also water resistant, but are not waterproof, so submerging this headset in water is not advisable. Once you figure out how you can wear them properly, you will have a comfortable experience when wearing them. You might not even realize that you have them on.

Audio Performance

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The audio performance is of course, one of the things that you ought to consider when searching for the right Bluetooth headset to purchase. Here is how JayBird BlueBuds X SportBluetooth Headphones has managed:


When it comes to the lows, you can be sure that you will get crisp sounds. Listening to vocals of rappers and even classical music with low bass sounds will not be a problem since everything will be delivered in a crisp and clear manner.


Whether you are listening to mid tones or slightly high mid tones, you can be sure that you will hear them quite well. They might even tend to stand out than the rest of the songs that you will hear by listening to this Bluetooth headset.


The higher sounds can be considered the best sounds that you can hear with the use of the JayBird BlueBuds X. You can definitely hear the instruments that are playing in the background that are all high and of course, high vocals can be heard very well too.

If you compare the BlueBird X with other Bluetooth earbuds that are typically used to hear music when working out or running, they definitely sound better than the others. Surely, you will not regret purchasing them if music quality matters when you do sport.


Jaybird BlueBuds x full

The connectivity of these earbuds is pretty good, although at times, it may lose connection when you place it on the pocket of your jeans or if you have to go through rough bumps when you are driving or working out. Placing it on your hand can make it sound clearer too because the connection is not being disrupted in any way.

The control buttons can be bit problematic though because they are set too close to each other. There is always a chance that you will be trying to adjust the volume of your headset but failed because you pressed the end call button instead. Getting to know the controls well can solve this issue.

Battery Life

If you are searching for a Bluetooth headset that can last for a long time, you can be sure that the JayBird BlueBird X may be just the right item that you are searching for. It boasts about 8 hours of use and you can easily charge it too.

What’s In the Box?

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You can expect that JayBird BlueBird X will come with three pairs of eartips and three ear supports. These are meant to help you create the proper adjustment needed for your ear to allow the headset to stay in place while in use. This also comes with a USB charging cable that will allow you to charge without much trouble. The hard shell case will provide a good protection when carrying them.


Jaybird Bluebuds X verdict

When it comes to comparing these earbuds with all the other Bluetooth earbuds out there, they stand out because of their many features and how helpful they can be for a lot of individuals. The price of this headset should be considered though because it is priced a little high for a lot of people at $130. Still, the headset’s remarkable sound and the fact that it is made for fitness makes it one of the best buys you can get at this present time. You will not regret purchasing these high quality headphones, they have a lot to offer.

$119 - $129

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If you are looking for excellent earbuds for your daily exercices without compromising on the sound quality, they are the earbuds you need.

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