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Full Jabra Sport Pulse Review

Are you searching for wireless Bluetooth stereo earbuds that you can use for a variety of different tasks, such as the Jabra SPORTS PULSE Wireless? Finding the perfect eabuds for you can be complicated, unless you know what you are looking for.

What do you consider to be important? Do you give utmost consideration to how Bluetooth earbuds look like?The Jabra SPORTS PULSE Wireless may be just the right earbuds that you are searching for. This may be the right bluetooth earbuds for sport that you can work hand in hand with for your training.

Scroll down to read our full review of the Jabra Sport Pulse bluetooth earbuds or compare th​em to our always up to date best bluetooth earbuds post.

2015.12 Post Update : Price and pictures updated. Summary added.

Jabra Sport Pulse

jabra sport pulse review
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Jabra brings us an excellent pair of earbuds. Their perfect fit and built-in heart rate monitor are a serious advantage if you are looking for sport earbuds.

Build & Design

jabra sport pulse review

Jabra SPORTS PULSE Wireless is made out of Kevlar and carbon fiber. This will make sure that this headset can take a lot of hits without breaking down in the middle of being used. They are also made to be sweat proof. This makes them essential when being used in the gym to exercise or out in the streets for jogging sessions.

The great thing about this headset is it comes with a heart rate monitor but do note that it will only work if you secure the headset properly on your ear. This means that you have to select the correct size that fits your ear and at the same time, the right EarWing that you can place on each of the earphone to make the headset fit perfectly.

The ultra secure fit that you can get with the use of this earphone can be very beneficial, especially if you are already working out. As it fits snugly against your ear, you will surely feel and notice the difference. You will not get distracted in any way and this can be highly beneficial for you. This can also be perfect when making calls as they will not fall off.

Audio Performance

jabra sport pulse full

How well the audio works is one of the things that you should always consider when purchasing earbuds; here is a run through on what you can expect when you use the Jabra Sport Pulse for your listening needs. You can experience very loud, quality sound that will help drown out all the other sounds that might distract you from what you are doing.


You will have no problems with the lows at all. From the booming bass sounds that you will hear from various songs to low tones that you can possibly hear from various singers, you can be sure that you will hear each sound clearly and precisely.


If you would like to hear balanced sounds then you will be happy with the Jabra SPORTS PULSE Wireless. You might hear each instrument clearly and you will drown out the sounds of everything else.


The high sounds and tones are very clear that you will hear when you are using this headset. If in case you also want to listen to classical music that uses various instruments, the high notes will surely be noticed.

The sounds that you can hear from Jabra SPORTS PLUS Wireless are clear and crisp. Truly, this can provide great sound quality.


jabra sport pulse app

Connecting the Bluetooth to your device is very easy. You simply need to press and hold the multi function button. The light will flash blue and this will be your indicator that you can release the button. Pairing mode will be announced by the voice prompt. Follow the instructions to effectively pair your device to the Bluetooth headset.

Battery Life​

If you are going to use this continuously, you can expect the battery life of Jabra SPORTS PULSE Wireless to be effective for up to 4 hours. Overall, the battery life of this is good enough even if you are just going to use it to make calls.

What’s in the box ?

jabra sport pulse unboxing

There are several things that you can expect to get when you purchase Jabra SPORTS PULSE Wireless. First of all, you will get various earwings. There are 3 sets of earwings available in small, medium, and large sizes. It also comes with 4 buds once again in different sizes. Lastly, it comes with a carrying case wherein you can place the earbuds when you are not using it.


Jabra Sport Pulse verdict

One thing that you can say about these earphones is that they fit well, as long as you choose the right earwings and earbuds to go with it. Connecting it to your device will not be a problem at all. The price can be considered steep for $160, but considering the great audio quality and how efficient it is when used, this can make up for it. It is also durable and can last for a long time. The application that comes with these earbuds is easy to use. Although the heart rate monitor might not always be accurate, this is a good pair of bluetooth in-ear headphones to use overall.

$159 - $169

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On August 25, 2015
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Jabra brings us an excellent pair of earbuds. Their perfect fit and built-in heart rate monitor are a serious advantage if you are looking for sport earbuds.

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