Gigabyte launches the Force H5 and H7


Gigabyte, well know in the computer industries for its motherboards and graphic cards is intending to invade the gaming headset market with 2 new headsets : the Force H5 and the Force H7.

These gaming headsets have both a circum-aural design (around the ear) padded with memory foam ear pads in order to increase the passive sound attenuation. They have a very similar design and almost the same weight.

Another characteristic shared between the 2 headsets : the microphone. They are both retractable, uni-directional and  integrate a noise reduction system to improve the talking experience.

The padded ear cups are free to move at 360° and are designed to follow your movements to procure comfort and an improved sound quality.

The main difference between the 2 gaming headsets are in the way they will deliver the sound to your ears : the H5 uses two neodymium 50 mm speakers that are able to render a 360° sound with their SRS Surround Sound mode whereas the H7 uses 8 speakers in total in order to enable a full 5.1 surround sound (front, rear, center and subwoofer).

The technology used in the H7 allows the gamer to fully enjoy the 5.1 experience with compatible games for a complete immersion with the sound coming from everywhere.


The headsets are both wired (USB) and integrate a sound card in their in-line remote. The embedded sound card allows a complete control over the audio settings with a dedicated application. You will be able to play with an equalizer, boost bass, change surround setting from the gigabyte application.

The control panel is touch sensitive and can be used to control the volume, the bass and the mic.

The H7 weights 293g and the H5 288g, nothing remarkable here but Gigabyte tried to reduce the wearing pressure to the minimum in order to improve the comfort during long gaming sessions.

They are both foldable and will be shipped with a rigid protective case, a good addition for those who often move.


​There is no information regarding their price for now ( we will update this post as soon as we know ) but we can imagine that the H7 is targeting the high-end gaming headset market and there is no doubt the Force H5 will be a more affordable option.

Source : Gigabyte

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