Bluetooth earbuds VS wired earbuds

Nowadays, everyone owns a pair of earbuds. Whether you want use them to use them for listening to music while doing sport or just sitting in the public transport, they all share the fact that they are easy to carry and fit in any pocket.

Earbuds allow you to listen to music from your mobile phone or your music player. You may also be using them to call and answer calls without having to reach your phone.

There are two major kind of earbuds : wired earbuds, the traditionnal ones or bluetooth earbuds that are often used by athletes.

The debate is endless about why one is better than the other and to make a choice between wired or bluetooth earbuds, you have to know what makes them different. We listed the most important aspects that differentiate them below.


  • Bluetooth earbuds >> They are made to be connected to a bluetooth device like a mobile phone and often come with improved functionalities compared to wired earphones. Some are completely tweak-able witha dedicated app while others have unique functionalities, like the Jabra Sport Pulse with its build-in heart-rate monitor.
  • Wired earbuds >> The most basic ones have no special functionalities but some of the best in-ear headphones integrate an in-line remote and a mic that allow you to make and receive call, adjust the volume and mute the sound.

Sound quality

  • Bluetooth earbuds >> well for high quality music, Bluetooth earbuds are not preferred. This is because Bluetooth technology is not suitable for proper transmission of complex data over the air. They use compression methods to reduce the stream size of your songs and that reduce the quality of the sound. This, therefore, can lead to song distortion and produce buzz – like waves.
  • Wired earbuds >> For high quality, detailed music, you should consider buying wired earphones. This is because, for wired earbuds, there is no compression and decompression of any kind this makes them produce very clear sound as it is free from any distortions and even at higher levels, there is no clipping. Also, the larger drivers enable provision of complete audio frequencies ranges without losing clarity or balance.


  • Bluetooth earbuds >> They are flexible as you can wear it in many different ways as it comfortably fits the ear canal and thus providing a proper closure. The ear fins in the earbuds enable them to fit in properly and provide proper support.
  • Wired earbuds >> They are angled one way to fit in your ear in one direction but the support that comes with it is not adequate enough. They are comfortable for only about seven to nine hours and are only safe to use while walking or sitting.

Battery Life

  • Bluetooth earbuds >> For continuous music, they last for only eight hours but this can vary with certain factors such as the volume been used. These earbuds will also require a minimum of two hours and a half to get fully charged.
  • Wired earbuds >> They do not require any power source so once connect to the device, they are good to go.

Ease of use

  • Bluetooth earbuds >> These earbuds make it easy and efficient to listen to your playlist and take your calls without having to reach your pocket to grab the phone. They also prevent you from always having to bend your neck or twisting it in order to pull the cable, they are cordless ! The fact that they are cordless also means that they are not subject to tingles.
  • Wired earbuds >> Well they also ease the need to always take your phone from your pocket so as to pick your calls. The wired earbuds also have a demerit as there is frequent interference by the clothes that you are wearing or any obstacles. This happens most of the time when you are comfortably listening to sweet music then all of a sudden the wire comes into contact with an obstacle and the ear buds drop off your ears, thus interfering with your entertainment. So when it comes to ease of use and comfort, Bluetooth earphones are most preferred.

What we can tell from this side by side comparison is that both have their advantages and cons. Wired earbuds will be often chosen by music enthusiasts who value the sound quality over anything else and the good old wire deisgn is the best. IEMs and high-end earbuds are all wired. Bluetooth earbuds will seduce casual music listener who want something more than just listening to music, for example, doing sport. The comfort brought by the wireless design makes up for the loss of sound quality.

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