Best Gaming Headsets for Xbox One in 2016

Looking for the best gaming headset to enjoy your games on your Xbox One? It's true that gaming has increasingly become one of the most favorable pass time activities for many people. Xbox One owners can confirm! Playing a great game is simply amazing.

And what's better than an awesome game?

An awesome game with an awesome sound immersion! To be able to derive maximum enjoyment from gaming, a pair of headsets designed specifically for gaming is a must. The best Xbox One gaming headsets offer a total immersion in your game, allowing you to hear every single sound and feel like you are actually inside your TV.

Scroll down to check our selection of the best headsets for Xbox One owners!​

Top 5 Xbox One Gaming Headsets






Turtle Beach Ear Force AMPLIFIED, the best xbox one gaming headset under $100

Turtle Beach Ear Force Amplified

The best affordable gaming headset for Xbox One owners

HyperX CloudX Pro Gaming Headset for Xbox One black and grey

HyperX CloudX Pro

Excellent Xbox One headset under $100 with a great mic

Polk Audio Headset for gamers

Polk Audio 4shot

The cheapest decent gaming headset for Xbox One

Astro Gaming A50 High end xbox one gaming headset

Astro A50

The best wireless headset for Xbox One with top performances

Turtle Beach Headset fro Xbox One Ear Force Seven Black

Turtle Beach Ear Force Seven

Great mid-range Xbox One headset with good sound and comfort

Our 5 Gaming Headsets for Xbox One Reviews

To select the 5 Xbox One headsets we reviewed, we have been through hundreds of products to provide you with only the best. We've chosen them for their excellent performances and constant positive feedback from actual users. We reviewed what makes a good gaming headset for Xbox One : compatibility (of course), sound quality, comfort and mic quality.

There is a variety of headsets on the market, ranging from high priced ones such as the Astro A50 to the low priced ones such as the Logitech G230. High-end Xbox one headphones have higher sound quality and plenty of customization options. Good budget options also offer a decent quality of sound, considering their low prices.


Turtle Beach Ear Force AMPLIFIED

Turtle Beach Ear Force AMPLIFIED, the best xbox one gaming headset under $100

The best affordable Xbox One gaming headset

Turtle Beach has been offering high-quality headphones designed for gaming and with clear audio performances. Their headsets are also known for being comfortable and with prices that correspond to their quality.

There is no way you could go wrong buying a Turtle Beach headset. If you are a gamer and Xbox is your specialty, then Turtle Beach Ear Force XO are just the thing for you.

The Turtle Beach-Ear Force Xo is a headset designed for gaming and has an excellent sound quality. They are also lightweight and are guaranteed to boost your gaming experience with a total immersion. The Ear Force XO Headset Audio Controller enables easier access to Game-Chat Mix, Mic Mute, Master volume controls, multi-step Bass and Mic Monitoring. This headset also has a removable mic for use on Skype and Xbox live chat. They can be disconnected from the headset adapter for use on mobile devices.

These headphones for Xbox One are very comfortable and you can almost forget that you are wearing them :  the earcups fit perfectly on the ear and are covered with a mesh fabric to avoid sweating during long gaming sessions.

They have 50-millimeter speakers to ensure the quality of sound and they deliver what they promise : highs are clear, low are deeps and mids are really detailed.

The Turtle Beach Ear Force XO have a simple design that works. The sound quality and comfort they offer rival higher-end headphones sold twice or even 3 times their price! If you are looking for a great gaming headset to plu into your Xbox One without breaking the bank, you should seriously consider them.


HyperX CloudX Pro Gaming Headset

HyperX CloudX Pro Gaming Headset for Xbox One black and grey

An really comfortable gaming headset designed for Xbox One​

The CloudX Pro is a gaming headset that is tested and approved by Microsoft and is specifically designed for Xbox One. It is also compatible with Xbox Elite Wireless Controller and PCs. It has a 3.5-millimeter headset jack, with 53-millimeter drivers, and a 2 millimeter PC extension cable with stereo and mic plugs. The in-game audio is so good that you could lose yourself in the game.

These headsets have an aluminum frame that is solid, making them more durable. A hard-shell carrying case, for storing them when not in use, comes with the headsets. The CloudX Pro weighs only 309 grams and 322 grams when the microphone is included.

They are light and sturdy. Most headphones for gaming do not take into account issues of fitting. They sometimes excessively clamp with a lot of force, especially above the ears. This force on your head could lead to head strain, and you cannot even game for more than thirty minutes. It is even worse if you wear glasses.

The CloudX Pro, however, is different. It has adjustable bands so you can adjust to your level of comfort and they are padded to relieve pressure on the head. The memory foam on the underside of the headband allows pressure relief at the top of the head. These headsets have memory foam ear cushions in two forms; leatherette and velour ear cushions. The velour ear cushions allow the headsets to be breathable. You can play for hours and still be comfortable wearing these headsets.

The Cloud X Pro offers a clear audio, particularly with environmental noise in the game, making the game more enjoyable. They do not, however, have total sound isolation from the external environment, but the isolation levels are good enough to keep you glued to your game.

Designed specifically for the Xbox One with comfort and quality in mind, the CloudX Pro performs really well : if you want a good sound and a great comfort to enjoy fully your gaming sessions, the HyperX CloudX Pro are one of the best options under $100.


Polk Audio 4shot Headphones

Polk Audio Headset for gamers

​A well designed headset for Xbox One that delivers a good sound

Polk worked with Microsoft on these headphones to ensure that the headsets covere all the needs of a gamer that plays Xbox One.

The 4shot headphones are extremely comfortable and could be worn for extended hours, and they do not require complicated connections; they are effortless to use.

These headphones feature a robust and visually attractive design; they have a boom microphone attached, and they are sold with an Xbox One Stereo Adapter. They, however, lack a Surround Sound option, but this is made up for in the audio performance of the headset. They have exceptional padding over the ears and below the headband, relieving pressure on the head.

Like any other Xbox One gaming headset, the PolkAudio 4shot use a cable to connect to the controller, through the adapter. The 4shot can be linked to a variety of devices such as smartphones, tablets and it is even compatible with PS4. On sound and audio performance, the 4shot precedes its reputation. It has one of the best audio performances with precise frequencies, and the sharps are high. The bass is satisfactory, even if it lacks behind other devices such as the Astro A50.

The 4shot has no controls. Only one button is positioned on the headset for answering calls, but it does not have volume controls or mute buttons. The Xbox One adapter sold with the 4shot headsets, however, factor in all those checks. The 4shot is a bit small, but it fits around the head just fine.

If you are on the hunt for stylish headphones for your Xbox One sessions, you should have a closer look at the 4shot : it's one of the best designed gaming headset for Xbox One available and they deliver an excellent sound.


Astro Gaming A50

Astro Gaming A50 High end xbox one gaming headset

A high-end headset for Xbox One with an incredible sound performance​

The Astro Gaming A50 headset is not a budget gaming headset. You notice it straight away with their build quality : they are made of premium materials and are really well designed.

These Xbox One headset are wireless and that's for the best, that means no more hassle with those annoying cords. Wires are can be a huge distraction while gaming and this fact alone is making them one of the best sellers in the market.

These headsets are a bit heavier than their predecessor, the A40 but are still lightweight for a wireless gaming headset. The filling is made of cloth, to ensure that your ears do not sweat too much.

The sound quality on these gaming headsets is incredible. It offers a 7.1 wealthy and detailed surround sound with high frequencies that many gamers love. The earcups are held together by metal bars that are adjustable; you can slide the band up or down to ajust them to your head.

The A50's microphone is flexible and can rotate around 130 degrees from the bottom to the top. The microphone is handy for chatting with friends during gaming. When used to listen to music or play movies, these headsets are just as good. The audio comes with clear and crisp notes, and the bass is satisfactory for a gaming headset.

The sound on these headsets is powered by a MixAmp transmitter, connected to your Xbox One through a micro USB and optical cables. Connecting the Xbox one and the transmitter takes just a few minutes and then you can power on the device. The transmitter also has a button for switching the Surround Sound on or off.

Astro did a really good job with the A50. They are amazing in every way. If you don't mind paying for quality, these are the best gaming headsets for Xbox One you can find on the market.


TurtleBeach Ear Force XO Seven Pro

Turtle Beach Headset fro Xbox One Ear Force Seven Black

Excellent mid-range wireless gaming headset​

​The Ear Force XO are another gaming headset for Xbox One designed by TurtleBeach.

Priced just under $100, they offer a great value with an excellent sound quality and a good fit.

These headsets have a mic that can be unplugged when not in use. The Variable mic monitoring on these headsets allows your voice level according to your needs.

They come with 50 millimeter Neodymium speaker drivers and also contain noise-isolating memory foam ear cushions. These cushions also make it possible to use this gaming headset for long stretches of time and still be comfortable with them.

The sound produced is clear and the audio spectrum is well served with good bass and precise highs. Even though they are not 7.1, the immersion feeling is still here and they compensate with amazing 2.1 capabilities​.

These Xbox One gaming headset are one of the best you can find under $100. They offer a great sound and a great comfort. They are designed to last for years and are made from premium materials.

Final Words

There are many gaming headsets out there in the market, but you cannot just reach for any pair of headphones you find if you want a great gaming experience. It is necessary for you to look for headsets with, in the least, a decent sound and audio performance and one that fits properly and is comfortable enough to wear for long stretches of time.

The best gaming headsets for Xbox One reviewed in this article are all great. They are all 100% compatible with your Xbox One and they will all help you achieve a better immersion during your gaming sessions. The A50 dominates the others in terms of performance but their price might not appeal to everyone... We recommend the Ear Force Amplified from Turtle Beach : this is a great and affordable headset for Xbox One.

Your turn now! What gaming headset are you using with your Xbox One? Is there any you would like to be reviewed here? Leave us a comment and we will reply quickly.​

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