Best Cheap Earbuds Under $30 for 2017

On the hunt for a new pair of cheap earbuds (under $30)? Don’t want to spend a fortune but still want great sound quality? It is generally assumed that cheap earbuds tend to have a bad reputation and are considered to have a poor build and sound quality with a lack of extra features. Let me tell you this :

This is not the case!

Lots of big brands now make cheap earbuds and you can find good earbuds under 30 that have good build quality, great sound quality and loads of extra features. Remember, you can’t always assume that cheap means bad!

It’s important to look carefully as some inexpensive earbuds do conform to the stereotype. However, we’ve made a list of our top 5 cheap earbuds under 30 to help you make your decision.

Keep scrolling down to take a look at our top 5 pairs of earbuds under 30.

Best cheap earbuds comparison

Symphonized NRG 3.0, Amazing Earbuds Under $30

Simply the best earbuds available under $30. Great design, great sound and accessories!

Panasonic Ergofit Earbuds for less than $10

These are amazing earbuds with a good sound considering their price!

Photive PH-BTE70 Cheap Wireless Earbuds

Cheap wireless earbuds ideal for sport and outdoor activities.

Sony Bass Earbuds  with mic

Great cheap earbuds for bass with a mic and a good fit.

Amazon Earbuds Basic, the cheapest decent earbuds

The cheapest available with a decent sound and a classic design.

Our cheap earbuds reviews

We have reviewed the 5 best in-ear headphones under 30. Based on users reviews and feedback, these cheap earbuds have been selected for their consistently high positive feedback and user’s satisfaction. What makes them the best cheap earbuds under 30 on the market? We have reviewed what makes these the top earbuds under 30 so make sure you keep scrolling to find out! Is it the sound quality, how well they fit your ear, or maybe the beautiful design? Scroll down to find out now!



Beauty and quality combined in earbuds under $30

Symphonized NRG 3.0, Amazing Earbuds Under $30

The Symphonized NRG 3.0 noise isolating earbuds promise to give you a unique acoustic experience with these artistic and beautifully crafted cheap earbuds. These cheap, durable earbuds come with 6 pairs of custom fit silicone tips to allow you to find a tip that will fit your ears perfectly, an eco-friendly pouch for fast and easy to access storage and come in a beautifully crafted wood design, but more on that later.

In terms of sound quality, the Symphonized NRG 3.0 earbuds are impressive. The sound is very clear with a very strong audio signal, the lows are deep and detailed with the highs also having great detail. The bass on these cheap earbuds is also very impressive with some users having reported being able to feel the bass signal as low as 4HZ. Another pro of these earbuds under 30 is that they have zero breakage at every volume level. Allowing you to enjoy your music, no matter how loud!

Onto the design: these cheap earbuds look incredible. Made from wood, these headphones look stunning and bring you a superior sound than if they were made from modern materials. Being made of wood, they have a solid feel to them, almost as if they could survive going through a wash cycle.

The other huge plus for these cheap noise cancelling earbuds is that they have built in controls, meaning you can: skip tracks, adjust volume, activate voice control and respond to phone calls all without having to dig around for your device. With a built-in microphone as well, the need to handle your phone is all but eliminated.

In conclusion, for under 30, the Symphonized NRG 3.0 earbuds are one of the best you can find. They perform well in most of the important aspects and you will be hard pressed to find something negative to say about them. They are the best cheap earbuds available.



The ultimate in style and comfort under $10

Panasonic Ergofit Earbuds for less than $10

Panasonic have created these cheap earbuds under 10 with two main things in mind: comfort and style. With a 3.6 ft cord allowing for easy connecting through clothes and bags, the Panasonic ErgoFit earbuds are definitely the best earbuds under 10.

With a choice of 9 color options with color matched cables, you can make sure these cheap, durable earbuds match your outfit, your audio player, and your mood! Sometimes rare to find in cheap earbuds, the colors certainly help to bring these earbuds to life and make them even more attractive.

The Panasonic ErgoFit earbuds were designed with comfort and fit in mind. They do what they say on the tin, with three included sets of earpads (S/M/L), you’ll find a custom fit that won’t slip out. They have been specifically designed and so you can find that if you don’t wear them correctly, the sound quality may suffer, so make sure that you check the packaging for the best way to wear these cheap earbuds!

If you’ve managed to put these really affordable earbuds in correctly, you’ll find that with their large 9mm neodymium drivers and a large frequency response, they deliver dynamic, crystal clear sound while blocking ambient noise. Just another plus for these cheap, noise cancelling earbuds.

The Panasonic ErgoFit are a great choice for those who want their cheap in-ear headphones to fit comfortably as well as offering a quality sound. With the only downside being reduced quality when not properly inserted, they are excellent earbuds under $10.



A cheap, secure and sweat-proof experience

Photive PH-BTE70 Cheap Wireless Earbuds

It can seem like you’ll never find a pair of earbuds that will stay in during exercise while supplying you with great sound. With the Photive PH-BTE70 Bluetooth earbuds though, the search might be over!

Sweating is a problem we all face during exercise and your earbuds breaking halfway through a workout is not something you want to happen. While most cheap earbuds are not waterproof, these cheap, durable earbuds have Watersafe technology. This means that you can sweat on them and expose them to all sorts of liquid, while still listening to your favourite tracks.

Of course, with Bluetooth earbuds the question of battery life is always an important one. Will they last until the end of your workout? Will they survive the trip to work? The Photive earbuds looks to answer these questions. With 6 hours of battery life per charge, these cheap earbuds allow you to spend more time listening to your favourite music than searching for an outlet.

You can enjoy a secure fit with these cheap, durable earbuds. The Photive have been expressly engineered with physical activity in mind. They have a flexible, stabilizing ear hook that firmly anchor them to your ear and mean you rarely need to readjust them, which can be an annoying by-product of some cheap, wireless earbuds. One thing to bear in mind with these cheap earbuds is that some users experienced a decline in quality after a few months of use, with some starting to fall apart.

Overall the Photive PH-BTE70s are a cheap, wireless earbud that achieve what many workout focused earbuds do not. They give you a good overview of what good bluetooth earbuds should be without breaking the bank!



Affordable earbuds with extra bass

Sony Bass Earbuds  with mic

The Sony MDRXB50AP earbuds were designed to provide you with a deep, powerful bass to compliment any kind of music. With big drivers to deliver the extra bass, some people might be surprised to see these earbuds costing less than $30.

The big selling point of these earbuds is fairly obvious when you look at the name. They’re all about that bass! These cheap earbuds come with huge 12mm drivers which deliver a huge, powerful bass. These earphones are perfect for someone who enjoys their dubstep and drum and bass but they also give great highs and lows with punchy mids and can be enjoyed with any music.

Everyone hates that quick fumble when our phone rings and we can’t get to our pocket fast enough. With these Sony earbuds, that has become a thing of the past. With an integrated smartphone playback control and a built-in microphone, you can control your music and answer you phone without ever having to take out your phone.

With a comfortable fit, a tangle free 1.2m cable and a convenient carrying case, these cheap earbuds help to keep you listening to your music for longer. However, it is important to note that the build quality is not what you might expect from Sony, with some users reporting issues after only a few uses.

This isn’t the case across the board with many users having no issues with the build quality. It has been mentioned enough to be something to consider, though.

These cheap earbuds under 30 have some useful features but these seem to be offset by the issues with build quality. A good choice if you aren’t looking for a permanent pair of inexpensive earbuds that have a good bass feeling.



The cheapest decent earbuds available (less than $10)

Amazon Earbuds Basic, the cheapest decent earbuds

Amazon Basics earbuds are a very cheap entry into the cheap earbuds category. These earbuds really take it back to basics when it comes to listening to music and this is reflected in the price. Being the cheapest of all the earbuds reviewed here, it would be easy to assume they are the worst quality, so make sure you keep reading to see how they stack up.

These cheap earbuds are compact and lightweight and work with both iPhone and Android. They are advertised as being usable while doing a variety of tasks like running, travelling or even working in the yard. Users report slightly different experiences though. They can be uncomfortable, especially while running, and users have said that they slip out of the ear and need readjusting quite often. Having said that though, most users have enjoyed fairly good experiences when using them for work or travelling.

The sound quality is surprisingly good when you consider the low price, with sound coming from 9mm drivers you get a similar listening experience to other cheap earbuds on the market and the ergonomic design and fit blocks any ambient noise.

There is a big downside with this pair of cheap earbuds. There is no microphone or playback control. This may not sound like a big deal but means that you may find yourself diving into your pocket more frequently to change tracks or answer a call.

The Amazon basics earbuds really do take it back to basics when it comes to features and you will need to weigh up whether the lack of useful features is worth the low price you pay.

Final Words

Overall you can see that even cheap earbuds under 30 can have great sound and be used for more than just sitting and listening to your music.

Cheap earbuds are great if you don’t want to spend a small fortune on professional earbuds, and these top 5 earbuds under 30 all offer something unique. Whether you are looking for a cheap, basic pair of earbuds or a cheap pair of durable ones, there is something out there for you.

Hopefully this list of the top 5 earbuds under 30 has given you confidence, and convinced you that you don’t need to spend lots of money to still get a good pair of earbuds.

What is your opinion on cheap earbuds? Do you get what you pay for or do they often exceed expectations compared to their low cost? Do you own a pair on our list? Or do you simply have a question you need answering?

Please leave a comment and we will do our best to help you on your search for the best cheap earbuds under 30!

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