5 Best Bluetooth Earbuds for Running in 2016

Bluetooth earbuds for running let you listen to your music while running without using a wire to connect to your smartphone. Whether you are a marathon runner or run on the treadmill, you need a good pair of Bluetooth headphones. More and more runners are opting for headphones that are wireless since phones have evolved to the point where they support Bluetooth Smart technology.

More and more runners are opting for headphones that are wireless since phones have evolved to the point where they support Bluetooth Smart technology. The fact that they are wireless means that you do not tangle yourself up with headphones while exercising. With these headphones, you can say goodbye to the frustrations of untangling earphones and even use those extra minutes to do more exercise.

And there is more to it,

Wireless Bluetooth earbuds designed for running pack features with the runners needs in mind. They are sweat proof, you don't have to worry about them, they do not fear moisture! They have a good battery life so that you can run for hours playing your favorite songs. They are lightweight and comfortable enough for you to wear them during long hours without feeling any discomfort.

Scroll down and check what the best bluetooth earbuds made for running have to offer!

5 Best Headphones for Running Compared






Phaiser BH-730 Bluetooth Earphones for runners

Phaiser BH-730

The best affordable earphones for running on the market

Axgio Vigor Wireless earbuds, the best fit for sport

Jaybird X2

Excellent running headphones with one of the best sound quality

Phaiser BH-530, cheap earphones for running

Phaiser BH-530

Cheap earbuds for running with a good sound quality and a good design

Jlab Audio Epic 2 Bluetooth earphones

JLab Audio Epic2

Best bluetooth earbuds with bass and a great fit for running

Backbeat fit from plantronics : the best bluetooth earbuds you can find for less than 100

Plantronics BackBeat Fit

Runners earbuds with the best fitting design and a good sound quality

Best Runners Earbuds Reviews

We picked and reviewed the 5 best bluetooth earbuds for running we found from hundreds of models available. We selected them based on users reviews and feedback. In our running earbuds reviews, we checked what matters for a runner : weight, battery-life and comfort. We highlighted what makes them standout from the others and ranked them based on their qualities, performances and price. Scroll down to check our runners earbuds reviews.


Phaiser BH-730 Bluetooth Earphones for runners

Phaiser BHS-730 Bluetooth, the best affordable bluetooth earbuds for running

Phaiser BHS-730 Bluetooth headphones are familiar to people who seek earphones that offer wireless comfort while running, high- quality sound and are affordable. With 8 millimeter speakers and Bluetooth 4.1 version, these headphones offer a high definition sound. An A2DP stereo transfer is built in specifically to deliver a stronger and powerful bass and top-notch clarity. On top of that, the Phaiser BHS-730 has a T-400M Comply memory foam tip to isolate any external noise. The battery lasts from 5-6 hours. Charging the earphones can be done for as little as 60 minutes or thereabout.

These earphones have a unique design. It has a patented winged tip to keep them in place while working out, even while doing vigorous activities. When not in use, the earphones magnets built into each earbud come in handy. The earphones are stored by wearing them around the neck. The earphones can, therefore, be easily accessed, and it looks classy and cool as well!

With these earphones, you can bid goodbye to water damage. Liquipel Nano coats the buds to ensure that sweat and dropping them in water accidentally does not damage the quality of the earphones. They are sweat proof, and this is warranted. They also have a robust and sturdy alloy coating that adds to durability.

In addition to the Phaiser BHS-730 earphones, you get to walk away with free accessories such as a micro USB cable for charging, earphone tips, ear hooks, ear buds and an instruction manual. A travel case is included as well, for storing them when not in use.

These Bluetooth earbuds are the best for any runner who want to enjoy its music while running. They are affordable, lightweight and offer a great sound quality. They are the pair we recommend at stereocompare if your want good bluetooth earbuds for running under $50.


Jaybird X2 Earphones with their carrying case

Jaybird X2 Sport Wireless, the best bluetooth earbuds for running under $100

See our full review here

The Jaybird x2 Sports Wireless comes in a smooth matte finish with a variety of colors. The most significant feature of the X2 is its excellent sound quality. It has an unrivaled superior audio performance. Its shift premium Bluetooth audio sound and a warm bass is far superior to other Bluetooth earphones. And when you need to block out external noise, the X2 have just the thing. They are built with memory foam tips that gradually enlarge to fill your ear so as to mute external noise.

Its patented sport ear fins allow for a secure and more comfortable fit. These are designed to fit in your ear, to make sure that the earphones do not fall during running or other rigorous activities. A tangle-free cord connects the earbuds and rests behind the neck while running. The earphones are sweat proof and a lifetime warranty against sweat.

The X2 have stepped up and incorporated SignalPlus, to avoid signal loss. This means that you can place your device anywhere on your body, and still enjoy skip- free music. It has a JennaTM voice prompt, which makes the process of pairing a device and the headphones a lot simpler, just by holding down the center button on the remote.

Also, it has a battery life of 8 hours which is incredibly long given the size of the earphones. This allows one to go for more than enough rounds of running without having to charge them. A cap conveniently hides the micro USB port, used for charging purposes. The X2 has an in-line three-button remote which can play or pause music, control volumes and make calls.

With all these great qualities, the Jaybird X2 are still affordable and that makes them the best bluetooth headphones for running under $100. Its sound quality is impressive and the unique eartips design is great for running.


Phaiser BH-530, cheap earphones for running

Phaiser BHS-530, great bluetooth earphones under $30

The Phaiser BHS-530 can be used in all types of sporting activities, but they are most suited for running. Like the Phaiser BHS-730, these earphones are coated with Liquipel Nano to provide maximum water resistant. In case the ear buds ever get damaged because of sweat or water, there is a lifetime warranty provided by the manufacturer. The earphones have a lightweight around-the-neck design for enhanced comfort. The Memory-Wire is flexible and stretches or contracts to fit the size of your head to ensure a more comfortable fit.

The sound quality on this brand of earphones is even better, with the highest quality transducers and hardware. It has a 10-millimeter speaker and Bluetooth 4.1, producing an accurate HD sound, with a great bass. The Comply T-400 M memory foam tips are also included to mute noises from the external environment altogether. These memory foam tips also improve the bass. Their built-in HD microphone has noise cancellation technology.

The LifeState technology is also incorporated in the Phaiser BHS-530 and interfaced with Apple IOS and latest Android devices to show the battery level and notify the user if and when they should charge the earphones.

These earphones can also be bought with the original Phaiser PRO-K Ion Energy Bracelet that uses negatively charged ions to relieve stress, boost energy and keep you feeling refreshed. This bracelet comes in one size that fits all, it is high quality and also adjustable. This is one of the many reasons why the Phaiser BHS-530 is ideal for running.

Let's make it simple : they are the best bluetooth earbuds for running available for less than $30. With such reasonable prices and great features, you cannot go wrong investing in these earphones. You will definitely fall in love with them.


Jlab Audio Epic 2 Bluetooth earphones

JLab Audio Epic2 Bluetooth Sport Earbuds, the best fit and the best bass

The JLab Audio Epic 2  are the best securely fitting and quality sound earphones you will find in the market at these prices. The ear buds, however, are a little large, and this may impact blocking out external noises, but a little external noise is good, especially for runners, so that they can be aware of their surroundings. JLab produced these earphones with seven different ear canal sizes so that there is a fit for everyone. The flexible cord designed to fit around the ear also help to keep them securely in place.

These affordable earphones produced by JLab substantially deliver in their audio design. It is especially refined in the bass. It offers a clear and deep bass that many people prefer while running. The high- performance 8-millimeter drivers are larger than those of the competition.

The Epic2 also have a ceramic Bluetooth antenna, which improves the connectivity and eliminates the problem of signal loss, so the music does not get cut off. They are also sweat and water resistant, as any Bluetooth earphone designed for running should be. They have an IPX5 waterproof rating, which is pretty good. And they can be rinsed off too, on top of being waterproof!

The Epic2 have a three-button remote for controlling volume and making calls. They have an impressive battery life of 12 hours, depending on the levels of volume. Near the right earpiece, there is a sealed compartment for the micro USB port with a snap-shut cover used for charging. Buying these earphones gets you not only the earphones but also pairs of ear tips, a carrying pouch with a hard shell, management clips and a micro USB charging cable.

Jlab Audio made an excellent pair of bluetooth earbuds with the Epic2. Their secure fit is really a must but where they really shine is in the way they handle bass music : they are the best bass bluetooth earbuds for runners you can find.


Backbeat fit from plantronics : the best bluetooth earbuds you can find for less than 100

Plantronics BackBeat Fit, top design for runners

The Plantronics Backbeat Fit Bluetooth earphones are lightweight and wireless, integrated with a microphone and feature a sweat proof design and decent audio. The earphones are comfortable to wear and fit well. The ear tips for fitting are not intended to get all the way into the ear like with other earphones. This implies that you can hear some external noise. Some level of external noise is necessary for a runner to avoid accidents. For example, if running near a busy road, then an athlete needs to hear oncoming traffic. The ear buds are connected with a band for a more secure fit.

A carrying case is sold with the headphones and can accommodate smartphones that are not phablets. It can connect to eight devices through Bluetooth, and one can make calls since it has a built-in microphone. This makes it easy to switch smartphones or MP3 players. It has buttons which can control volume and play or pause music.

The battery lasts an impressive 8 hours at moderate volume level and 6 hours talk time. These earphones take a relatively short time to charge; it takes 2.5 hours through a micro USB cable. The charging port is located in a sealed compartment near the right earpiece. The deep sleep mode allows the headphones to go into hibernation when away from the devices. This extends battery life for up to 6 months and provides an additional 4.5 hours of listening to music.

The sound quality is good. It delivers a decent bass, given that the ear buds do not go all the way into the ear. These earphones are also waterproof with a waterproof rating of IPX7 and can withstand fresh water up to one meter for 30 minutes. With this kind of score, they make for the toughest Bluetooth headphones in the market.

The BackBeat fit are really great for runners : their unique design makes them really comfortable to run with. The sound quality their offer is good as well as their battery life. This is clearly one of the best wireless earbuds for running.

Final Words

Sound quality, battery life and the fit of the earphones are the make or break point of any Bluetooth earphones. If it does not fit and stay in place, most people will choose not to wear them even if the sound quality is top notch.

The above five are among the best in the market: they offer the best sound quality, impressive battery lives and means to make sure that they fit and stay securely in place. Good earphones for running should also be sweat resistant since sweat is a huge part of exercising. The above five are all sweat resistant.

​What do you think of these headphones for running? Do you have one of those ? Is there any pair of Bluetooth earbuds you would recommend for running? Let us know and leave a comment below !

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